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    Providing Independent Financial Advice to clients by providing an advice platform and support to Advisers enabling individual tailored solutions. We help build dreams. Registered Authorised Financial Services Provider FSP 44990.

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    [ Putting you at the core ]

    We've built our business around being a one-stop solution.

    Short Term

    Let's face it, unexpected things happen... Short Term Insurance covers personal belongings such as your car, phone and house.

    Life Insurance

    We have a great selection of policies to choose from that ensure your loved ones are well looked after when you pass on.


    From shares and stocks, to offshore and more - we have an excellent team ready to help you get started with your investment dreams.

    Medical Aid

    Depending on your selection, medical-aid's will cover the majority of your medical expenses. We can help you find the most beneficial one.

    Business Finance
    Corporate Finance & Partners

    Are you buying or selling a business? Or considering listing or expanding internationally? Let our team of seasoned professionals guide you through these turbulent waters.


    The deregulated future of money. Let us assist ensure you have exposure to a bucket of crypto currencies and crypto payment solutions.

    time management production
    Payroll Payments

    We can assist you with your payroll pay aways to third parties as well as assisting with garnishee orders, paye and salaries at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.


    The buying and selling of foreign exchange whether for trading purposes or for offshore investing. Let us quote you a rate and if you need a hedge let us do that at the same time for you.

    Tax free
    Tax and Accounting

    These essential services are offered through our partnership with Chess Consultants to ensure your tax affairs are in order and that business accounting is up to date.

    Deposit at bank

    The management of cash in a portfolio whether business or personal needs the attention of specialists. We are just such specialists and offer best rates with the cash in our bulk consolidated portfolio.

    Dr Med Mal

    Our cost effective professional liability cover for surgeons amd health care professionals with generous premium savings of up to 40% over MPS. Underwritten By Genoa with Munich RE as the global reassures.

    Investments, Local & Global

    From unit trusts to endowments from share portfolios to guaranteed funds. Let us craft a balanced portfolio exposing you to property, equities, bonds and cash in £, $, € , ¥ and even in Rands onshore and offshore in the international markets.

    Health & Pension

    Every person needs health care cover from medical aid to top up gal cover we can assist. And then there is your old age, let us help you establish a pension fund or manage your existing fund more cost effectively and ensuring best returns. Time will compound the investment but you need to start the process. We can set you up.

    Funerals Insurance
    Wills, Trusts and Estates

    Let our team of specialists advise, scope and execute on your will. Let us manage your trusts and as executors of your estate ensure that your heirs and beneficiaries get exactly what you wanted for them and had planned. Our unique solutions to ensure maximum tax efficiency and liquidity to pay estate duty, transfer fees and executor fees make this a must have conversation. Don’t get caught without having done this planning and paperwork and sleep well knowing that your loved ones the next generation are accounted for.

    Risk Benefit Management

    We all need to protect our income in the event of an accident, sickness or loss of a body part. And then there are the cancers, strokes and heart attacks that we all know happen. We protect all these eventualities with best of breed life insurance products from our multiple product providers. Why not get a comparative quote for what you currently covered for...we are sure you will either save premium, get more value for money and the best latest industry benefits.

    Personal Development
    ETI Performance Consultants

    These specialist assist corporates with change management, BEE scorecard matters and the benefits of a well structured Employment Tax In entice plan. Not only will you enjoy the generous tax flow advantages from your Paye, you will also support the government in its rise to create youth jobs while enhancing your scorecard ratings.

    Education Insurance
    Blaque, Transformation and Empowerment

    The future is here, now. Play by the rules of the 2021 game. So how do your customers get scorecard value from you? We give 125% procurement value.

    time is money
    Short Term Commercial & Personal

    Insure your assets, whether at home or at the office. Your car to your computers. We have contracts with all insurers and for specialist risks. Hospitality, Engineering, aviation, marine and other medical malpractice indemnity insurance

    E-Clocker, Rostering, Timesheets & E-Payslips

    ESG is so important and with COVID and the new norm - get digitally connected between staff and head office. All on your cell phone, clock in, roster, handle leave, listen to announcement, corporate messages and then get an electronic payslip in your hand....and your IRP 5 at tax year end.

    [ Our Process]

    We're there with you, for you.

    • 01

      We like to begin by first establishing our relationship with you.

    • 02

      After collecting your information, we analyse and asses your financial status.

    • 03

      We then develop tailored financial planning recommendations.

    • Analytics 04

      On a yearly basis we'll conduct a review or if there are any financial changes.

    [ Accredited Product Providers]

    We provide you with only the best


    Ready to start building your financial future?

    We take care of all the admin and worries for you, so that you can enjoy living your best life. By advising you on how to reach your financial goals, we help ensure that you and your family are well taken care of, no matter what life has to throw at you.